Alyssa Castaneda Featured at Ad Age’s Creator Summit!


Alyssa Castaneda, Associate Director of Social Media at Penguin Random House, recently spoke at Ad Age Creator Summit, a gathering of creators, brands, and agencies in NYC focused on the booming creator economy and strategies for developing long-term, sustainable partnerships. Other speakers included top creators Rod Thill (@justme.rod) and Christina Najjar (@tinx), as well as executives from e.l.f Beauty, Honda, Olipop and more.

Alyssa Castaneda at the 2023 Ad Age

Castaneda was featured on the panel “Odd Couples,” which also included marketers from Amtrak and Microsoft, to discuss how legacy brands are reinventing their voices for social and finding the right creators. She touched on a multitude of topics, including #BookTok and how PRH is engaging with the community, our company’s influencer database, and where we would focus if TikTok was banned by the government tomorrow (hint: it’s YouTube!). Castaneda also spoke about the long-standing relationships her team has fostered with influencers, including curator of @AllWaysBlack Cree Myles and TikTokers Kimmy Nwokorie and Simone Siew.

2023 Ad Age Creator Summit “Odd Couples” panel.

“When working in social media and any consumer facing channel, it’s important to work with creators and people with different life experiences to bring in different perspectives that truly reflect our society. I’m lucky that I can go to work every day and be my whole self, and I hope we allow our partners to do the same,” she said.

An Ad Age recap of the event is available here.

Posted: April 13, 2023