Anne Lamott Believes “Truth is Hope”

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Time for hope? Beloved Riverhead author Anne Lamott believes so. In a major New York Times profile, Lamott is declared the “Lefty Guru of Optimism”: “Like a feminist C.S. Lewis, Anne Lamott talks about God, politics and other unmentionables, and gently exhorts her readers, as she does herself, to find joy in a bleak and chaotic world.”  As Lamott shares, she came to write her new, instant bestseller ALMOST EVERYTHING, this week’s Igloo Book Buzz selection, because “everyone around me felt doomed. So little truth was being told, and I knew a few things that I believed to be true, and I wanted to share them, because truth is hope.” 

Anne Lamott

As Riverhead Executive Editor Jake Morrissey remarks: “What’s gratifying about working with Anne Lamott is both how collaborative she is throughout the entire writing process and how willing she is to tell the truth. That’s why her books resonate with readers, I think: She’s willing to explore what’s deep within her heart with the same compassion and humor that shows up on the page.”

Lamott’s wise and witty storytelling is indeed striking a chord with readers and media alike: sold-out audiences of thousands have greeted her across the country, and ALMOST EVERYTHING has been featured on Brain Pickings, PBS, numerous NPR programs from Maine to Minneapolis to New York CityParade and People Magazine, Lifehacker and Design Matters, with much more to come this holiday season. As The Wall Street Journal says, “Anne Lamott has a rare talent for making writing look easy…Given the warmth, liveliness and intimacy of her prose, time with one of her books can feel like a visit with a friend.”

Posted: November 1, 2018