Book World by PRH Takes on New York Comic-Con With Book Giveaways, Author Signings & More!


Fans wait for a galley giveaway.

New York Comic-Con was back in full swing this year with over 150,000 attendees! Despite Hollywood’s labor strike and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, attendees showed high enthusiasm, as was noted by Publishers Weekly in an article that commented on the excitement around PRH’s many genre imprints

Penguin Random House exhibited from Thursday, October 12 through Sunday, October 15 as Book World Presented by Penguin Random House, utilizing our full brand power to make a splash on the show floor and to drive book sales, discovery, and buzz around upcoming titles. 

The comic–con audience is highly engaged, loyal to brands, and reads more than the average person, making these events the perfect place for us to sell and promote a wide range of books. The booth schedule included unique author appearances and irresistible giveaways, which appealed to young readers eager to get their hands on Christopher Paolini’s newest offering and the latest Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurers Guide. 

Willow Smith signing.

Fans loved meeting authors which included:  

Post-it wall.


And for the first time at a comic con, we created a post-it wall and asked attendees “What’s your current reading obsession?”

Best of all, fans eagerly received personalized book recommendations from our passionate staff and walked away with tote bags overflowing with on-sale titles, as well as advance copies for the lucky few!


A Fate Inked In Blood giveaway.

Some of our most popular giveaways included:

That’s a wrap for PRH at comic-cons in 2023, next up, Emerald City Comic-Con March 2024!

For any questions, please reach out to Lindsey Elias, Director, Brand Events, Penguin Random House.


Posted: October 19, 2023