Camilla Läckberg Tells a Story of Female Desire, Devotion, and Fury

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Looking for a great summer read to escape into? Our new Igloo Book Buzz selection, Camilla Läckberg’s THE GOLDEN CAGE (Knopf), is an exhilarating, sexy, over-the-top psychological thriller that tells the story of the scorned wife of a billionaire and her delicious plot to get her revenge and bring him to his knees.

Jenny Jackson, Vice President and Executive Editor, Alfred A. Knopf, shares, “When I sat down to read this juicy novel I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew Camilla Läckberg’s fans were rabid and legion. I knew the author was a fascinating person—a business school graduate who founded an investment company for women, head of a jewelry company, a mother of four, the wife of an MMA star—oh, and one of the most-read authors working today. But I had no idea how absolutely captivated I would be by this story of female desire, devotion, and fury. As I read THE GOLDEN CAGE, I kept trying to think of comparisons. It felt like Big Little Lies, but with fur coats and long dark winters. It felt like In A Dark, Dark Wood, but with caviar and cocktails. It felt like Crazy Rich Asians but with lots of sex and blood. More than anything, THE GOLDEN CAGE felt like the most fun I’d had between two covers and a book we had to publish at Knopf.”

Camilla Lackberg, photo credit Magnus Ragnvid.

Camilla Läckberg reveals, “This was by far the biggest challenge I have put myself through as an author! I carried the idea about Faye and her hunt for revenge with me for several years before I really had the courage to step out of my comfort zone and put it on paper. Faye is a strong, yet vulnerable person, a mix of every woman I have ever met. She wants to take back what was hers and doesn’t shy away from any brutal method on her road to retaliation. Creating the world she lives in has been a privilege. It has taught me so much about sisterhood, brutality, sex, love and lies. I’m so grateful to have a profession where I can learn new things every day.”


Posted: July 5, 2020