Cheer On Our Colleagues Running in Sunday's New York City Marathon

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Penguin Random House will be well represented at this year’s New York City Marathon, which takes place across NYC’s five boroughs on Sunday, November 4. Among the more than 50,000 participants, there will be at least six of our colleagues – three first-timers and four veterans – running the 26.2-mile course. Whether you will be among those who observe the race live in the city or catch parts of it on television, we encourage you to join us in cheering on — in person or in spirit — our runners. And make note of their marathon bib numbers, shown below, to help you pick them out along the course.

Meet our Penguin Random House 2018 NYC Marathoners

Katie Freeman, Riverhead Publicity, Bib number 66586

“This is my third NYC Marathon, my sixth marathon overall. I run for mental-health reasons and because race days illuminate the kind of community I want to help build in the world: volunteers, spectators, workers, donors, runners and walkers of all backgrounds, identities, challenges and strengths coming together to support each other, cheering on strangers and beloveds alike. I also remember every time I run that it has been less than 60 years that road races have been open to women.”

Emily Hartley, Ballantine Editorial, Bib number 19590

“This is my first NYC Marathon. I’ve done one other marathon, in my hometown of Fargo, ND, a few years ago. Over the past five years, running has become a key part of maintaining my health, both physically and mentally, and I love being able to exercise outdoors in New York’s gorgeous parks. I decided to do the NYC Marathon because, after doing my first one, I immediately knew I wanted to do another. My boyfriend was born and raised in Brooklyn, and this will be his first marathon, so we decided he should run it in his hometown, too. Getting to run across all the bridges and streets of his home city will be really special for him. “

Meghan Houser, Crown Editorial, Bib number 523

“This will be my fifth New York Marathon. Running is grounding in a way few experiences are; there’s a real humanity-affirming camaraderie around it, especially at events like the Marathon. While training, I love becoming aware of corners of the city I don’t usually see. I also have some family history around this marathon—my dad ran it seriously, and my parents’ first date was to go watch. I also do like Gatorade.”

Chrissy Heleine, Penguin Young Readers Sales, Bib number 27124

“This will be my first NYC Marathon, but my second marathon race. I ran the Paris Marathon back in 2011, and swore to never put myself through another one, yet here I am again … I’ve seen firsthand the party atmosphere the crowds create for the runners so I’m excited to feed off that energy on the day. I have lots of friends coming out to cheer me on; I know spotting them will be a highlight. Oh, and finishing. Finishing is always the best part of any race.”

Casey Blue James, Penguin Publishing Group Business Development, Bib number 45531

“This will be my very first marathon. My favorite part of any race is being surrounded by all the other runners. Hearing everyone’s feet on the ground and their breathing – especially during quiet parts of a course – is so moving. And amusing signs from the cheerleaders on the sidelines help! I’ve been dreaming of running the New York Marathon for years. It’s so touching to me that all of New York – typically full of seemingly closed-off individuals – comes together on this one day to cheer, with total abandon, for complete strangers. I can’t wait to run through all five boroughs and experience the cheering and music from each of them. “

Chris Smith, Viking/Penguin Publicity, Bib number 1198

“This will be my second NYC Marathon, one of the coolest sporting events in the world. Literally millions of people line a 26-mile course to cheer on 50,000 marathoners. After finishing the marathon in 2016, I felt like I might end up like poor Pheidippides, but instead of splurging on a cab, I decided to schlep home on the subway. Everyday New Yorkers on the train, who may not have even realized the marathon was happening, stopped to give me high-fives and congratulate me. New Yorkers aren’t exactly known for their kindness or friendly demeanor, but that day I felt like a celeb. Even if only for a few hours, Marathon Sunday brings people together, and unity is something we need a little more of these days.”

Allan Winebarger, Penguin Young Readers Sales, Bib number 18199

“I have run the NYC Marathon twice, the last time was 2004. I tore my hamstring 2 years ago and I am just getting back to running relatively pain free. Glad to be back, however I expect to be stumbling through the streets of NYC for a long time on Sunday … It gets crazy loud running up First Ave. and there are sections of Brooklyn that were even more inspiring because the spectators seemed to be having so much fun. For me, there is nothing quite like the feeling of lining up with thousands of people at the start of a race and soaking in all of that positive energy. Fun PRH fact: I have run the Boston Marathon with PRH colleague Paul Deykerhoff.”

If you are also running Sunday, we apologize for not including you in this preview, and hope you will send us comments and photos to for next week’s PRH 2018 NYC Marathon Igloo Round-Up.

Posted: November 2, 2018