Creating a Personal Playbook for Jump-Starting Each Day

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Our new Igloo Book Buzz selection is Lisa Currie’s SURPRISE YOURSELF: Get Out of Your Head & Into the World, published this week by TarcherPerigee. Ms. Currie, an artist and author living in Melbourne, Australia, says, “My new book, for me, is about trying to make every day feel

Lisa Currie
Credit: Nick Dale

special in some way. It might be a little thing, like learning something interesting about a co-worker, or something big like taking yourself on an adventure to explore a new neighborhood.  I’ve always loved the idea of never having the same day twice, but I’m also an introverted person who feels very snug in my comfort zone and routine. So this book grew into a collection of the little tricks and nudges and ideas I’ve collected over the years to see the world with fresh eyes and enjoy more of it in small ways. Like a friend who says, ‘let’s try this!’ To be able to fall asleep every night and (at the very least) think, ‘oh that was fun, or that was new!’

“You know those sticker reward charts we had as kids? I love those. The satisfaction of seeing your progress visually, a little more each day or week. In SURPRISE YOURSELF, I made a few ‘reward chart’ pages with a list of every activity in the book. So the first thing I’d do is tear out those pages (they’re in the back of the book), stick them somewhere you’ll see it every day, like on the fridge, and color-in each activity as you complete it. At a glance you’ll be both proud of what you’ve already done and inspired to pick the next idea.”

Marian Lizzi, Editorial Director, TarcherPerigee, offers these insights: “Working with Lisa is an editor’s dream.  She’s always brimming with ideas, and her excitement for the material is palpable. And because she creates both the words and the images in her books, I like to say she’s ‘the whole package.’ As an editor, I try to experience the material as a typical reader would. So I take a step back and pretend this is my first time seeing Lisa’s work. What jumps out as the most engaging and inviting? What’s intriguing, but could use a bit more clarification? Is there any repetition, or (this is always the hardest part) something missing that would take things to the next level? In general, I point out the places where I have a question or concern, and Lisa comes up with a solution. It’s a creative conversation, back and forth, that’s similar to hanging out with a super-talented friend (Lisa) who’s able to write and draw and entertain and problem-solve in surprising ways. It’s a fun and positive process that keeps us both in a state of flow.”












Posted: August 30, 2017