Disappear Into Prohibition Times with THE GIMLET SLIP, an Audio-First Novella from Penguin Random House Audio


THE GIMLET SLIP, by bestselling and critically acclaimed authors Fiona Davis and Greg Wands, is now available for listening! Immerse yourself in a gritty Prohibition-era novella set in New York City from Penguin Random House Audio. Narrated by Carolina Hoyos, Marco Pelaez, Patty Mattson, the audio-first novella combines Fiona’s gift for vivid historical settings and Greg’s flair for noir to bring listeners a thrilling and glamorous story about a headstrong, fast-driving young woman who gets pulled into a dangerous bootlegging scheme. 

Laura Wilson, Director of Spanish and Original Content, Audio Editorial is the audiobook editor on this title and she told us why THE GIMLET SLIP the ideal audio-first production. 

Authors Fiona Davis and Greg Wands.

“Giving audiobook listeners a front row seat to new stories is a real pleasure,” Laura explains. “THE GIMLET SLIP is an example of a story we’re publishing first as an audiobook that works brilliantly on audio. The authors, Fiona Davis and Greg Wands, wrote their novella with listeners front of mind—the different POVs and the Prohibition-era setting make for an exciting and atmospheric story that actors can really have fun with. The producer, Kelly Gildea, was able to work closely the authors to find just the right voice for each of the characters. It’s an audiobook we know audiences will love.” 

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New York, 1933: America is in its second decade of Prohibition, and its citizens have never been thirstier.  

Lydia Gardiner is the infamous queenpin of a criminal empire. From her penthouse in New York City’s ritzy Plaza Hotel, Lydia deals in all the city’s favorite vices—illegal liquor, drugs, women—ruling with an iron fist, a cold heart, and a knack for beating her coarse male counterparts at their own game.

Jo Hayes is an impulsive young woman determined to forge a life as an auto mechanic, but instead finds herself drawn into Lydia’s orbit following a disastrous car accident.  

As Lydia takes Jo under her wing, they get pulled into a daring heist that just might bring down the city’s biggest bootlegger.  That is, if they can escape the watchful eye of an up-and-coming NYPD detective with a score to settle.  But as the two women flit between shady billiard halls and glitzy soirees, straddling New York’s highest society and seamiest underworld, they will soon learn that nothing is quite what it seems – and everyone has a hidden agenda. 


Posted: March 5, 2024