DOGS AND THEIR PEOPLE Features Photos and Stories by Our Colleagues

dog book buzzThis week’s Igloo Book Buzz title is DOGS AND THEIR PEOPLE by BarkPost, published by Putnam today. This book spotlights over 200 unique, remarkable dogs and their people, including several Penguin Random House colleagues.

“When the Igloo announcement about DOGS AND THEIR PEOPLE came out, several coworkers encouraged me to send in a photo of my babies,” says Camille Dewing-Vallejo, Senior Copy Manager, Ad Promo, Random House. “Nearly every week, someone stops me or my husband (Richard Vallejo, Online & Digital Sales Manager, Random House Children’s Books), and asks to take a picture of our dogs. So I’ve been photographing Finn, a nine-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux, since he was a puppy. Then, when we rescued young Gemma last December, my Instagram photos became a double-dose of adorableness. We’re so excited to be included in this beautiful book of much-loved dogs. Now everyone can see and enjoy these sweet—and BIG—faces!”

“I’m really excited to have Goosie featured in Dogs and Their People,” says Alice Rahaeuser, Production Associate, Random House Children’s Books. “We’ve had Goosie for over ten years now, and as anyone can attest, I love talking about her.  It means a lot to me that Goosie was included, because she is such an important part of our lives.”

Sam Lawrence, Senior Manager, People Programs, Human Resources:  “My dog, Otto, is a typical French bulldog – plenty of energy, spunky little personality, and enough gas to fuel a Prius.  He is BarkBook_proofs171 copyalso very much a neighborhood celebrity.  Rarely a day goes by without a pet or a friendly hello from someone I don’t know, but my dog clearly does.  After attending a Bark Box party for NYC dogs a couple of years ago, a New York magazine reporter convinced my husband and I to start an Instagram account for Otto (@OttoGene_Frenchie). We love sharing him and his adventures online, so we are absolutely THRILLED to be included in this amazing book, as we know they had so many other wonderful pooches to choose from!”

Bark & Co., a company dedicated to the happiness of dogs everywhere, talks about the inspiration behind the creation of Dogs and Their People: “Over the past 4+ years, BarkPost, our media site, has shared some of the most astounding and heartwarming dog stories on the Internet, but we felt something was missing in our coverage of what it really means to have a dog in your life.  We wanted to be able to celebrate the best kind of couch-snuggling, belly-scratching, snout-kissing humans by featuring the small, intimate, and snuggly moments that make loving a dog so special.”

Kerri Kolen, Executive Editor, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, who edited the book, says, “The Bark brand and the dogs they serve were the inspiration! Bark has tapped into such a happy audience with all of their content and product; and we wanted to celebrate that happiness with a book by and for them.”  Kerri adds: There are no dogs not worthy! This book could have been thousands of pages, if not more. We’ll just have to make another one!”

Posted: October 18, 2016