In Reporting On Penguin Video, New York Post Calls Internship at PRH a Dream Gig

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Major media, including Good Morning America, The New York Post and USA Today, has covered the “internship” of two real-life penguins at Penguin Random House’s distribution center in Westminster, Maryland. The New York Post article began: “They’re dipping their flippers into publishing. Two African penguins from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore recently scored dream gigs: summer internships at Penguin Random House, despite never having read a single book between them.” The USA Today coverage was headlined: “A Penguin Interned at Penguin Random House, and it’s the best thing we’ve seen all day.” The national media outlet had further fun: “A real-life penguin waddled its way into in an ‘internship’ at Penguin Random House for a day, and we don’t want to jinx it, but we think the penguin is getting hired.”

As reported in yesterday’s media coverage and in our article on Igloo, Real-Life Penguins Complete Summer “Internship” at Our Westminster Distribution Center, Penguin Random House is making a charitable donation to the zoo’s conservation efforts to protect African penguin habitats — the African penguin population has declined by 90% in the last 100 years — and is encouraging donations to

Posted: September 20, 2019