Intern Spotlight: Meet Jackie Garcia!

Here’s to the third edition of our 2023 summer intern spotlight! This four-part series is intended to give you a glimpse into who our interns are and why they wanted to be a part of Penguin Random House.

“As interns on the Corporate Communications team, we have learned so much about the different aspects of Penguin Random House and the publishing industry. We joined a small, tight-knit team that has allowed us to directly contribute to amazing projects, such as the Creative Writing Awards, San Diego Comic-Con, and OurHouse content. Our goal for the upcoming intern-focused content is to shed some light on who we are and why this next generation is looking forward to working in publishing and with you all.  We hope you enjoy the incredible stories of the 2023 intern cohort from their time at PRH!” – Chelsea Kaneshiro & Ciara McKay 

Read on as one of our interns shares about her time at PRH. 

Jackie Garcia, Department: Children’s Sales 

What are some things you’re working on or have worked on during your internship that have been memorable?  

Being able to work on the preview presentations for the sales team has been an exceptional way to learn many things. Not only did I get a sneak peek as to what books will be published in the near future, but I also had the opportunity to see how my department collaborates to complete projects with a firm deadline. I continue to be impressed with the sales team because they handle their projects with graceful communication. Everyone’s input is considered, regardless of your position level, and they work together to polish everything from small details, like font size, to the heart of the project—the promotion of our authors and titles to our buyers. 

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?  

My favorite part of being an intern at PRH is the chance to work with a diverse crowd of people who are open to sharing their stories. My supervisors are continuously encouraging me to meet with employees from all departments so that I can build a well-rounded perspective of how publishing works. Everyone I’ve spoken to for a Meet & Greet has been authentically friendly and willing to share as much as they can about themselves and their positions. This knowledge is invaluable for interns who are just venturing into the work world.  

What has been your favorite intern event?  

I really enjoyed being able to speak with PRH’s recruiter. As someone who is not currently in college, it was a rare opportunity to consult with someone for career growth tips. They answered all of my questions and gave me advice on how to formulate my cover letter/resume. I felt that this 1:1 event demonstrated that PRH truly cares about its interns. You’re not just a number here and you won’t be forgotten after your internship is complete. They want you to succeed as an intern and beyond. 

What is one piece of advice you have for future interns?  

It’s vital to be mindful. I recommend that every intern takes note of what they are learning as they work rather than simply completing their tasks quickly. Whenever we work, there is a temptation to check off our To Do List as fast as possible. Try to resist that temptation; find the balance between taking enough time to completely understand what you are doing and finishing your work. You can still be productive while giving yourself an opportunity to research gaps in your knowledge base or reach out to others to explain what is confusing you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions more than once either. Internships are about learning and circling back for clarification is commended, not discouraged. 

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Posted: July 31, 2023