KNOW MY NAME Author Chanel Miller Discusses Art, Writing and Creativity via Zoom (2/11)

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Chanel Miller, author of KNOW MY NAME (Viking/Penguin), discusses art, writing, and creativity in celebration of the Chinese New Year via Zoom on Wednesday, February 11 at 9:00 pm (ET).

“Emily Doe,” the victim of sexual assault in January 2015, emerges under her real name, Chanel Miller, to share the full story of her trauma and recovery. Emotionally honest, unwavering, powerful, and eloquent, Ms. Miller’s memoir is a testament to the power of words to heal and effect change.

KNOW MY NAME charts a new path for victims: Embracing vulnerability, refusing to back down, and courageously challenging corrosive systems to live a full and beautiful life. No longer Emily Doe, Chanel Miller reclaims her identity to let victims know they are never alone and gives them the confidence to be free of the shame that was never theirs to carry.

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Posted: February 9, 2021