Maxine the Fluffy Corgi, Social Media Sensation, Makes Her RHCB Debut


Jacket art © 2024 by Susan Batori. Photo: Alex Garyn (l), Maxine (c), Bryan Reisberg (r).

Random House Children’s Books will publish MAXINE GETS A JOB, a picture book about @madmax_fluffyroad, one of the world’s most popular and recognizable dogs, with over six million social media followers. The exciting news was announced today by Mallory Loehr, EVP & Publisher, Random House Books for Young Readers. MAXINE GETS A JOB will release on May 7, 2024, and was written by Alexandra Garyn and Bryan Reisberg, dog parents to Maxine, with illustrations by Susan Batori

Herding, hunting, rescuing—our canine friends have historically helped humans in so many ways. So what can Maxine the Fluffy Corgi do? In their debut picture book, Alexandra Garyn and Bryan Reisberg imagine their beloved pup finding a job that suits her unique talents.  

“We wrote MAXINE GETS A JOB because, since Maxine was born, we’ve seen the impact she’s had not just on adults, but most importantly, children,” said Garyn and Reisberg. “After eight years of spreading joy and laughter to millions of people around the world, it’s our profound honor to give Maxine the children’s book treatment of our dreams, with a story and illustrations that encapsulate everything we love about our funny little loaf of bread—our Maxine.” 

Maxine the Fluffy Corgi knows she is talented. She just needs some help figuring out what her talent is. After trying out her friends’ jobs—a lifeguard, a guard dog, a truffle dog, and more—none of which are quite right, Maxine recognizes that her friends are all doing what they love. She realizes what she loves to do and finds her true calling—to be a comedian! MAXINE GETS A JOB is inspired by Maxine’s ability to bring happiness to anyone she crosses paths with. 

“Maxine the Fluffy Corgi is one of the most beloved dogs on the internet. She spreads joy to children—and adults—the world over,” says SARA SARGENT. “It felt like a natural fit to bring Maxine into the picture-book space and to share her joy and ebullience with little readers. We are delighted to work with Maxine, Alex, Bryan, and the whole team on this debut project and to share the message of following your heart and doing what you love.” 


Posted: October 20, 2023