Meet Matt Rodbard, The Host of the Newly-Rebranded THIS IS TASTE Podcast, on Tinned Fish and the Summer of the Cutlet


Matt Robard

Matt Rodbard is the critically-lauded writer, editor, and author of food and culture books, as well as the host of the newly rebranded This is TASTE podcast. The show continues its culturally-relevant and surprising discussions around food and drink, in addition to expanding beyond to literature, pop culture, media, commerce, and entertainment.

It’s a new name, with the same great taste — and we had the opportunity to ask Matt Rodbard a few questions such as what’s top of mind for the casual, at-home cook and what he looks for in a podcast guest!

How did This Is TASTE get its start?We started for a couple reasons. First, we had so many authors and cool people working in food and food media that we couldn’t fit into TASTE. So, the podcast felt like a great opportunity. Also, the audio interview format is truly the best way to get to know somebody. Second, we have an amazing studio and production team at 1745 Broadway. It’s a great place to record conversations, and major shouts to Pat Stango, Shalea Harris, and the rest of the team there.

What do you look for in an episode guest?Great question. First, do they want to have fun? That’s honestly really important—humor really translates in this format. Also, do they have a unique point of view on home cooking or the restaurant world or food retail? A strong voice (not literally—we’ve had some amazing low talkers lol), but an individual with a unique approach.

What’s top-of-mind for the casual, at home cook this summer? Tinned fish continues to be really big. It’s kind of the perfect item to put out for a summer party, or a weeknight at home. We also just published this great recipe for S’mores Ice Cream Pie that we think is perfect for June.

Tell us about three episodes that stand out to you and why. Wow, just three? Well, I love Samantha Irby’s writing so much, and she also happens to live in my hometown in Michigan. We had a lot of fun talking about all things food. I’ve had New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells on a couple time. His recent visit was kind of epic because it was the day he dropped his top 100 restaurants in NYC list, so we had a lot to talk about. And Alison Roman is just the best interview. So fast and smart. Honestly, check out our archives – we have some good ones. Ruth Reichl is always, always, always welcome.

What can we expect from This Is TASTE in the next few months and how might the podcast extend beyond its normal scope?Much of the same, in terms of us publishing exciting, candid, useful, and no-boring conversations with some of our favorite authors, chefs, CEOs, journalists, and big thinkers. We have a series of live tapings we’re co-producing with Rizzoli Bookstore in Manhattan. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for those details.

Finally, what’s your go-to, comfort meal these days?This is the summer of the cutlet. Though, last summer was the summer of the cutlet too!

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Posted: June 9, 2023