NO HARD FEELINGS Authors Blog About “The Evolution of Our Book Cover”

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Portfolio authors Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy were actively involved in the cover design of their upcoming book, NO HARD FEELINGS: Emotions at Work (and How They Help Us Succeed), on sale January 22, 2019. A visual exploration of how to embrace emotion at work and become more authentic and fulfilled while staying professional, this book combines practical advice and scientific research to give readers the tools they need. The authors recently created a blog that chronicled the design process: Behind the Book: The Evolution of Our Book Cover.

Mollie West Duffy & Liz Fosslien

Liz and Mollie agreed: “We wanted to keep the cover coloring similar to the interior of the book (white, gray, and blue) so we asked to see the animal cover with a blue background. Though we liked the clean design of the paper bag cover, it soon realized we wanted to feature one of Liz’s illustrations to make the book feel personal and unique.”

“In February, Liz drew several alternate animal combinations, which we had our friends and family members rank. The favorite was an elephant as the CEO, a lion as the boss, a sloth as the teammate, and ‘you’ as an owl.”

Here is a look at the evolution of the book cover design:

Posted: August 29, 2018