One World x Philadelphia Printworks Collaboration Launches


One World is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Philadelphia Printworks, an independent Black- and woman-owned clothing brand inspired by past and present social justice movements that seeks to create accessible apparel for activists, organizers, and allies. 

The collaboration launches today with t-shirts designed by Alyson Frazer Diaz that feature poetic text from books by five One World authors: Yanyi, Fatimah Asghar, Cathy Park Hong, Quiara Alegría Hudes, and Nate Marshall. In joining forces with a value-aligned clothing retailer, One World is thrilled to connect our authors’ work with those who support our mission: to subvert dominant narratives and usher in critical and compelling stories about a changing world. 

This partnership is the brainchild of Nicole Counts, One World Senior Editor, and Maryam Pugh, Philadelphia Printworks owner and founder.  

Nicole Counts

“I’ve followed Philadelphia Print Works for years—since the release of their School of Thought Collection,” Counts says. “Their designs are fresh, clever, clear, and dedicated to spotlighting historical and present social movements. Their work, like the work we do at One World, is rooted first and foremost in community. The intention of both One World and Philadelphia Printworks is to share and highlight the power of language, stories, and our collective legacy. Our goal with this partnership is to create a vibrant and striking way to share visionary quotes from leading thinkers/writers/activists on beautifully and consciously designed apparel.” 

“Working with One World has been restorative and affirming,” Pugh notes. “My wish is that this project has the impact that we hope for and that it fortifies our communities.” 

T-shirts with one of the following quotes are available for purchase from the Philadelphia Printworks online shop, along with the corresponding paperback editions of each book: 


“I want to be beautiful / and a part of this earth.”  

—Yanyi, Dream of the Divided Field 


 “my people my people I can’t be lost / when I see you my compass / is brown & gold & blood”
—Fatimah Asghar, If The Come For Us 


 “To live an ethical life is to be held accountable to history.” 

―Cathy Park Hong, Minor Feelings 


 “I want to break the language.”  

—Quiara Alegría Hudes, My Broken Language 


 “ain’t yet no word for a world with no fear. ain’t yet but we working.”  

―Nate Marshall, Finna 

You can see all of the designs and purchase any of the t-shirts online at Philadelphia 

Posted: September 6, 2022