Pantheon/Schocken Publisher Lisa Lucas Featured in “Diversity in the Book Business” NYT Mag Cover Story


Lisa Lucas, © Wayne Lawrence for The New York Times

Lisa Lucas, SVP & Publisher of Pantheon and Schocken Books, is featured in The New York Times Magazine article, Inside the Push to Diversify the Book Business, by Marcela Valdes. Lucas, the first Black publisher in Pantheon’s 80-year history, was hired in July 2020 and officially joined the imprint in January 2021. As Lucas noted in The New York Times piece, “ ‘I’m not here to make Black Pantheon … I’m here for all the gods, the whole pantheon.’ This was also her approach at the National Book Foundation, which she directed for almost five years. ‘Books are for everyone,’ she declared many times while she was there … ‘People misunderstand how long change takes … They want change right now.’ Building a foundation that lasts requires years — years of thoughtful conversations with staff members, years of losing bids, years of mentoring writers, years of books that succeed and fail.”

This will be The New York Times Magazine  cover story in the June 26 print edition of the Sunday New York Times. To read the complete article in advance online, click here.

Posted: June 22, 2022