Penguin Press Author, Paul La Farge, Passed Away


Paul La Farge, photo credit: Carol Shadford.

Paul La Farge, inventive novelist of the novels THE NIGHT OCEAN, THE ARTIST OF THE MISSING, HAUSSMANN, OR THE DISTINCTION, and LUMINOUS AIRPLANES, as well as THE FACTS OF WINTER, a book of imaginary dream, passed way at the age of fifty-two. His wife said the cause was cancer.

Ann Godoff, President and Editor-in-Chief of Penguin Press said, “We are greatly saddened by the loss of Paul La Farge, an enormously talented writer and spectacular human being. He will be truly missed.”

La Farge’s writing experimented history and narrative technique. In THE NIGHT OCEAN, a man obsessed with H.P. Lovecraft disappears. His wife, Marina, a psychiatrist, follows her missing husband’s trail in an attempt to learn the truth. The mystery takes us through decades and from a remote Ontario town, to New York and Florida and Mexico City.

La Farge won the Bard Fiction Prize, two California Book Awards, and the Bay Area Book Critics’ Award for fiction. In 2013-14 he was a fellow at the Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library. He received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the New York Foundation for the Arts.


Posted: January 28, 2023