PRH Audio Launches Ahab Voiceover Casting Platform

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Penguin Random House Audio introduces Ahab, a global online casting platform that helps content creators find and hire exactly the right actor for any voiceover project, whether it’s an audiobook, video game, ad spot, animation, documentary, or podcast.

The Ahab platform redefines voiceover collaboration, connecting top-notch talent and agents with content creators throughout the voiceover industry. Created by producers for producers, Ahab streamlines the entire voiceover workflow-from talent discovery to audition to offer-in one platform.

Ahab was originally developed as an internal tool for Penguin Random House’s audiobook producers, making it easier to find new talent and organize actor contacts as the number of Penguin Random House Audio publications rapidly expanded. Penguin Random House Audio’s US team now produces more than 1,800 audiobooks a year; according to the Audio Publishers Association, more than 60,000 new audiobooks were released in the US in 2019. Penguin Random House’s audio publishing teams worldwide have already adopted the platform, including in the UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Spain.

This year the website has been significantly expanded with new features and is now available to content creators outside Penguin Random House, free for a limited time. Talent profiles are free; 9,000 actors hailing from 67 countries worldwide have joined the platform.

“Ahab has been an invaluable tool for our team, both to streamline the casting process and to expand our talent pool,” says Dan Zitt, co-creator of Ahab and SVP of Content Production for Penguin Random House Audio. “By democratizing the casting process, we hope to connect actors and content creators from around the world.”

Ahab’s creators collaborated with hundreds of actors, agents, industry organizations, and fellow producers to develop the new features. The redesigned Ahab now includes:

  • More detailed profiles allow actors to provide more information about their experience, skills, and expertise.
  • Expanded search, filtering, and lists enable producers to sort and bookmark potential talent by detailed criteria, including language, accent, age range, location, home studio availability, experience level, and more.
  • Host public or private auditions directly within the platform.
  • Share talent lists and audition submissions with other project stakeholders, both within and outside the platform.
  • Find actors, message with talent, make offers, and book jobs all in one place.
  • Agent profiles connect to their clients’ profiles in the database, enabling agents to send talent lists, message with content creators, view and recommend public auditions, and field offers on behalf of their clients directly within the tool.
  • Free educational and professional development resources, including The Ahab Breakdown, a monthly virtual event series featuring topical discussions with special guests, and video series with industry experts.

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Posted: March 4, 2021