PRH Supply Chain EVP Annette Danek on “Top 100 Women in Supply Chain” 2022 List


Annette Danek, credit Kelly Heck Photography

Join us in congratulating Annette Danek, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain for Penguin Random House, featured on Supply Chain Digital’s newly released “Top 100 Women in Supply Chain” 2022 list. Annette is ranked #75 among the most inspirational and influential women in the sector, also including top Supply Chain women executives from such companies as Nike, Comcast, Apple, Google, Microsoft, McDonalds, and UPS. Supply Chain Digital’s “Top 100 Women in Supply Chain” list, which was launched in 2020, is determined through open nominations worldwide, then a careful review process of all the submitted nominees.

“Being in the company of some of the most exemplary women in the Supply Chain industry is such an honor,” Annette commented. “Having the chance to work with amazing people in the book publishing and bookselling industry gives me great satisfaction, as books are more important than ever to informing the world. I am filled with pride every day, working with the best team members in all four of our PRH Operations Centers. Together, we make a difference for our authors and readers.”

Sean Ashcroft, Editor in Chief of Supply Chain Digital, a monthly magazine that covers the global supply chain space, said, “It is an amazing experience to research the thousands of potential entries on this list. A far harder experience deciding the cut. This is a critical moment for Supply Chain worldwide. These women are part of making the system work.”

Posted: April 11, 2022