Read to Sleep Campaign is a Webby Awards Honoree!

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The Consumer Marketing team is excited to share the news that Read to Sleep has received a Webby Honoree in the Digital Campaigns category! The Webby Awards are awards for excellence on the Internet, presented annually by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a judging body composed of over 2,000 industry experts. There were over 13,000 entrants this year, so we are delighted to be an honoree.

Read to Sleep was our lead Q1 campaign at the PRH brand level, aimed at encouraging consumers to put down the screens and pick up a book (or audiobook!) before bed. Because insights showed that interest in getting good sleep was at its height and most 2020 resolutions were going to be around self-care, we decided that it was the perfect time to build a campaign around the positive health aspects of books. Reading or listening to an audiobook for even 10 minutes before bed (rather than looking at a screen) is proven to help people fall asleep faster and also get better quality sleep. Consumers responded overwhelmingly to this idea, with some of our most engaged with social ads ever—readers were eager to share their own self-care practices around reading before bed and how much it helps them de-stress at the end of every day.

Tactically, our goal was to acquire new, engaged subscribers, which we did by partnering with Parachute Home to give away 25 books and new bedding and also creating a custom email micro-series around getting better sleep. 127K people signed up to receive the five-part email series, which was delivered weekly in the evening and reminded people that it was time to get off their phones and pick up a book!

This was a robust campaign that could not have come to life without every single team within Consumer Marketing, and we are so proud of the results.


Posted: May 7, 2020