Remote Postcards are In!


Scenes from a farm in Ohio

You wrote in from snowy Lake Huron, the awe-inspiring Garden of the Gods, and even a working farm in Ohio. Some of you love feeling like you’re in a Jane Austen novel and some of you love biking beach trails year-round. Thanks to all who sent in their remote postcards this winter! We look forward to hearing from you this summer.

Greetings from Emerald Isle, North Carolina!
Sarah Ballew

I live & work remotely in coastal North Carolina. I am grateful everyday that I can spend so much time at the beach & exploring all of the neat coastal towns/cities in the area.

I took this photo of the sunset. The beach faces south here so we get to see both sunrises & sunsets over the water.



Greetings from snowy Minneapolis!
Maya Livingstone

My family and I moved here (where I’m originally from) last summer, and so far this winter has been the snowiest on record since 1991 (!!).

Luckily, it’s pretty and my toddler absolutely loves it which makes it a bit more bearable. Wish us luck because unfortunately, winter is just getting started …



Greetings from Truckee, CA, Julie Bennett

I live and work remotely in a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains, probably best known for its proximity to Lake Tahoe and to the ill-fated Donner Party, which was snowbound a couple of miles away in 1846. My “office” looks out to a forest of Ponderosa Pines, where me and my feline/canine coworkers watch chipmunks, squirrels, woodpeckers, coyotes, and the occasional black bear wander by. This picture was taken while snowshoeing just down the road.

Greetings from Florida! Jessica Mangicaro

I came down here in 2020 and then never left! I live and work remotely just northwest of Tampa in a small town called Tarpon Springs (known as the Sponge Capital of the World and for the delicious Greek food).

I live off the Pinellas Trail where I can bike year-round (the furthest I’ve ridden is 80miles, so hoping to beat that this year!) I love being close to the beach, my family, and am only a short drive away from both Tampa and St. Pete (so I can get that trendy foodie scene I miss about NYC!)



Greetings from Tacoma, Washington, Elaine McKnight

This photo was taken from our balcony on 1/4/23 in the beautiful city where I live and work remotely: Tacoma, Washington. I absolutely love starting my day with a cup of coffee while enjoying the sight of Mount Rainier. Our balcony faces east, but if we walk across our building, we have views of the Olympic mountains and the Puget Sound (Pacific ocean), just 2.5 hours west of us.

In 2018, I moved to Washington state from Florida—it was the best decision because not only do I get to enjoy these beautiful mountains and ocean, but I also created my family with my husband Jake and our cat Callie.

Greetings from Connecticut! Carly Quinn

I work remotely from Vernon, Connecticut, and my little introverted self adores it, mostly because there is an abundance of wide open spaces and a distinct lack of other human beings around!

On most days after work, I will walk about 50 feet to the lovely wooded river trail behind my apartment to surround myself with nature for an hour. I love walking alongside the river, getting lost amongst the trees, and listening to a good audiobook in the fresh air. There is just something about walking past empty fields of tall grass on a quiet sunny afternoon that makes you feel like you’re in a Jane Austen novel, and I’m here for it.


Greetings from Lake Huron, Suzanne Archer

I couldn’t help but send this picture with the sun shining at 31 degrees. My husband and I are working at our cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on an island off of Lake Huron. 87,000 acres of forest (deer, eagles, bears are starting to wake). And we get internet – life is surely good.

Greetings from Ohio, Megan Wenerstrom

I’ve attached several photos of my working farm in Ohio – please feel free to use any of the photos if you choose to post my entry. My husband and I moved to my family’s working farm just outside of Columbus, Ohio, when COVID was at its worst. It was a big change for us, but we found that we love the quiet, the incredible view of the stars on clear nights, the abundant wildlife, the space to grow our own food, and the incredible variation in scenery that the seasons bring. The space also allows us to try out our naturalist hobbies – right now, bee-keeping and birding!

Greetings from Colorado! Cathy de la Cruz

Last month, I had the pleasure of going on a free winter adventure camp in Colorado—with 10 other cancer survivors from all over the country.
It was truly one of the most joyful experiences of my life and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who has survived or is currently living with cancer. I snowshoed, I sledded, I was a human bowling ball on a sled, I got to be a passenger on a dog-pulled sled, I soaked in hot springs surrounded by snow-covered mountains. I laughed and I cried. It was truly an epic experience. Check out for more info if you want to apply, volunteer, donate or just learn more. (I’m wearing the pink hat in this picture.)
Greetings from Monument, Colorado, Stephen Reed
I’ve lived in Monument for 26 years now. Monument is a sleepy little town that sits at 7,000 ft elevation just north of Colorado Springs. My view from my home office window is of 14,000 ft. Pikes Peak and the Air Force Academy that stretches out over 16,000 acres just south of us. We love it here and grateful to work at home. Colorado Springs has become a foodie town. The downtown area boasts dozens of restaurants, our own semi-pro soccer team, the Olympic and Paralympic training center and museum, and the awesome views of Garden of the Gods, which receives over 4 million visitors a year.

Posted: March 28, 2023