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In case you missed them, you can check out all of our Intern Spotlights below! Thank you for tuning in thus far. We hope these posts have given you a glimpse into who our interns are and we hope you get the chance to reach out to an intern today. 

Biggest thank you to the Corporate Communications Interns Chelsea Kaneshiro and Ciara McKay for bringing this edition of Bookmarked together. You can hear directly from them below!

“Thinking back to the beginning of this summer, I was beyond excited to hear that I had secured the internship my younger self could only dream about. Soon after, I wouldn’t be able to believe just how much I would learn and contribute all the way all the way from Hawaii! Through this internship, I have not only been able to write OurHouse posts, but pitch and produce new content such as the internship spotlight series you’ve all been seeing the past few weeks. This wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of working with, and everyone reading, who has given us the opportunity to share about what the special world of publishing means to this generation.” – Chelsea Kaneshiro

“Working with the Corporate Communications teams and everyone at PRH has been a dream. I’ve gotten to write OurHouse posts and assist on programs such as San Diego Comic Con. This opportunity has been truly fantastic, and I feel very lucky to be able to have an internship like this. While I am sad that my time at Penguin Random House is ending so shortly, I am excited, as I’m sure the rest of the intern class is, to take what I have learned into the next chapters of my life.”- Ciara McKay


Meet Elise Damasco

Department: Library Marketing 

Why did you want to intern at PRH?  

Like many people at PRH, books have always held a special place in my heart. Since I was young, I’ve consistently sought out ways to immerse myself in literature: joining my middle school’s “library club”, creating bookish social media accounts, majoring in English/Creative Writing, and now working at the same public library I’ve been going to since I was an infant. With all my book-related endeavors, it finally felt like it was time to dive into the publishing world to see how books are brought to life. And what better place to intern than the biggest publisher in the U.S.?  

What are some things you’re working on or have worked on during your internship that have been memorable?  

Going to the 2023 American Library Association Conference! This year it was held in Chicago, where I am located, so I got the wonderful opportunity to work beside my fellow Library Marketing colleagues in person. From handing out advanced reader copies at the PRH Library Marketing booth to helping facilitate author signings (and of course, attending some author signings myself), I had so many opportunities to connect with many different types of readers and to be surrounded by my favorite thing—books!   

What is one piece of advice you have for future interns?  

Even if some of your professional and academic experiences aren’t directly related to publishing, don’t overlook them! Of course, working at a library and having prior experiences such as creating social media content for book promotions have helped me in library marketing. But I also have degrees in Sociology and Psychology and spent most of my college time working at my school’s Center for Diversity & Inclusion; these experiences have truly helped me connect with the world of publishing and libraries. Even my cashiering experience has given me the interpersonal skills I’ve needed to succeed in Library Marketing!  

What are your future plans?  

I plan to continue to work at Skokie Public Library as an Advisory Specialist. I would also love the opportunity to work at PRH! Because I have a passion for libraries, working on the Library Marketing team has been a blast and I’d love to continue my work there down the line. But otherwise, working with children’s/young adult titles in any capacity would be my dream.   

Meet Jackie Garcia

Department: Children’s Sales 

What are some things you’re working on or have worked on during your internship that have been memorable?  

Being able to work on the preview presentations for the sales team has been an exceptional way to learn many things. Not only did I get a sneak peek as to what books will be published in the near future, but I also had the opportunity to see how my department collaborates to complete projects with a firm deadline. I continue to be impressed with the sales team because they handle their projects with graceful communication. Everyone’s input is considered, regardless of your position level, and they work together to polish everything from small details, like font size, to the heart of the project—the promotion of our authors and titles to our buyers. 

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?  

My favorite part of being an intern at PRH is the chance to work with a diverse crowd of people who are open to sharing their stories. My supervisors are continuously encouraging me to meet with employees from all departments so that I can build a well-rounded perspective of how publishing works. Everyone I’ve spoken to for a Meet & Greet has been authentically friendly and willing to share as much as they can about themselves and their positions. This knowledge is invaluable for interns who are just venturing into the work world.  

What has been your favorite intern event?  

I really enjoyed being able to speak with PRH’s recruiter. As someone who is not currently in college, it was a rare opportunity to consult with someone for career growth tips. They answered all of my questions and gave me advice on how to formulate my cover letter/resume. I felt that this 1:1 event demonstrated that PRH truly cares about its interns. You’re not just a number here and you won’t be forgotten after your internship is complete. They want you to succeed as an intern and beyond. 

What is one piece of advice you have for future interns?  

It’s vital to be mindful. I recommend that every intern takes note of what they are learning as they work rather than simply completing their tasks quickly. Whenever we work, there is a temptation to check off our To Do List as fast as possible. Try to resist that temptation; find the balance between taking enough time to completely understand what you are doing and finishing your work. You can still be productive while giving yourself an opportunity to research gaps in your knowledge base or reach out to others to explain what is confusing you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions more than once either. Internships are about learning and circling back for clarification is commended, not discouraged. 

Meet Hana Kim

Department: Crown BFYR/Labyrinth Road 

Why did you want to intern at PRH? 

I took on the scary journey of trying to make it into publishing and PRH is the publishing house to be at if you want to make it, that’s what a lot of people said as I scoured the internet for tips. But another reason is that I interned at Sourcebooks previously and had a wonderful time! I knew Sourcebooks and PRH have been working together so PRH was naturally the next step I wanted to take.  

What are some things you’re working on or have worked on during your internship that have been memorable? 

I think the two things were live-editing on a book (BLOOD AT THE ROOT, 2024) and working on MY MOTHER, THE MERMAID CHASER. The edits were memorable as it was my first time seeing an author go through my questions! I’ve interned previously, but I’d never seen an author address my name which was so exciting to know that I made a direct change on a manuscript! The second is seeing MY MOTHER, THE MERMAID CHASER come to life. This book was very personal to me as I related heavily to the plot and the characters. It’s my favorite book from Crown and I was honored to be able to work on it.  

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

Visiting the offices! I was in New York for a few days and was able to work in person — I loved meeting everyone and being around a live environment. I graduated during the peak of Covid-19 so I never got to work in an office and was quite scared of that. But I had the best time and my managers were all so lovely! Other things I have fond memories of are meeting new people, reading future-acquired manuscripts, and bringing home books!  

What are your future plans?

I would love to work with PRH full-time! I will be on the lookout for future opportunities in publishing. I have been interning for over a year now and I would love to finally land a job! I am also interested in creating an online literary magazine to spotlight young writers.  

Meet Katie McClymont

Dutton, Marketing & Publicity 

Why did you want to intern at PRH? 

Since graduating college and beginning my job search, it became clear that book publishing would be the perfect career path for me. I wanted to intern at PRH to have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. The resources PRH provides are truly unmatched. Most importantly, all the PRH employees I had networked with prior to starting the internship were always so welcoming, eager to share their knowledge and to share important stories with the world. 

What are your goals for the internship? 

One of my main goals is to learn as much as possible about all things publishing. I love that PRH’s intern programming allows us to explore departments outside of the ones we’re currently paired with. Another goal of mine is to get to know PRH employees and fellow interns. I love learning about other peoples’ passions, interests, and career paths. Finally, I hope to give as much to PRH as it has given to me! 

What are some things you’re working on or have worked on during your internship that have been memorable? 

As a marketing and publicity intern, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on a several pitches. I really enjoyed exercising my creativity and practicing efficiently conveying the selling points of our titles. And I received amazingly helpful feedback from my supervisors, Isabel DaSilva and Sarah Thegeby, which was much appreciated! Another memorable project has been working with one of Dutton’s editors, Cassidy Sachs. I expressed interest in editorial and, in true PRH fashion, Cassidy volunteered to send me a first draft manuscript she’s working on to practice my editorial skills and discuss strategies with her. 

What has been your favorite part of the internship so far? 

Hands down, my favorite part of the internship has been the people. Everyone here is truly so welcoming and eager to talk about their experience. I’ve loved all the coffee chats I’ve been able to have so far. It’s also clear that everyone wants to see each other succeed and help towards that end. I love how the departments within my imprint work so collaboratively. 

Posted: August 7, 2023