RHCB to Launch The Reading House, a New Learn-to-Read Program, in January 2021

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Random House Children’s Books is launching The Reading House, a new learn-to-read program developed by reading and literary specialist Marla Conn, it was announced by Tom Russell, VP & Publisher of Princeton Review & Sylvan Princeton Review Editorial. Designed with a clear, step-by-step method and recurring characters and stories, the books teach essential reading concepts to children ages 4–8 in a fun, engaging format.

Consisting of 12 boxed sets all releasing in 2021, The Reading House program guides children from letter recognition to phonemic awareness all the way to independent reading. Each boxed set contains 12 leveled storybooks, an activity sheet, a classroom guide, and a progress sticker sheet, making the program accessible for use both at home and within a classroom. The storybooks use recurring characters and stories, helping kids recognize words and understand meaning through context clues and familiarity.

The Reading House Sets 1–5 (on sale 1/5/2021) include The Reading House Set 1: Letter Recognition A–L and The Reading House Set 2: Letter Recognition M–Z, which help young readers identify lower- and upper-case letters and identify beginning sounds; and The Reading House Set 3: Introduction to Short Vowel Sounds, The Reading House Set 4: Short Vowel Clusters and Sight Words, and The Reading House Set 5: Short Vowels and Reading for Fluency, which introduce children to short vowels sounds, clusters, and sight words, as well as short vowel word families.

“We’re very excited to be working with Marla Conn on this new program,” says Russell. “With so many students participating in remote learning, we’ve seen skyrocketing demand from parents and educators for engaging workbooks and activity books. The Reading House fits into this perfectly, providing children and their families with an effective tool for developing strong reading skills and fostering a lifelong love of reading.”

The Reading House Sets 6–8 (on sale 3/2/2021) include The Reading House Set 6: Introduction to Long Vowel Sounds, The Reading House Set 7: Long Vowel Blends and Sight Words, and The Reading House Set 8: Long Vowels and Reading for Fluency, which help young readers recognize long vowel sounds, blends, and sight words, as well as long vowel word families. They also help children read more complex sentences with sight words and varied long vowel sounds for meaning.

The final four boxed sets in the series, The Reading House Sets 9–12 (on sale 5/4/2021), use nonfiction life-science concepts to teach young readers to read for meaning and include The Reading House Set 9: Introduction to Reading for Meaning, which teaches young readers to identify a story’s main idea and details; The Reading House Set 10: Sequencing Events; The Reading House Set 11: Comparing and Contrasting; and The Reading House Set 12: Cause and Effect Relationships.

Marla Conn is a reading and literary specialist with a masters of science in elementary education and reading. She has worked with HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, and many others, and is the creator of Dear Dragon Developing Readers, based on the work of Margaret Hillert. These leveled readers (A–D) enable emergent readers to build early literacy skills in decoding, fluency, and reading comprehension.

Posted: October 8, 2020