Steven Johnson and Riverhead Books Develop EXTRA LIFE Curriculum With the Pulitzer Center

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Steven Johnson (c) Nutopia Ltd.

Riverhead Books and Steven Johnson are thrilled to partner with the Pulitzer Center on developing curriculum based on Johnson’s latest book, EXTRA LIFE: A Short History of Living Longer. The partnership kicked off with a webinar for K-12 and college educators, where Johnson and the Pulitzer Center’s education team shared curriculum resources and ways to bring ideas from the book into classrooms around the country.

The Pulitzer Center has a network of public health and journalism schools, including John Hopkins Bloomberg, Columbia University, American University, and many others. EXTRA LIFE is part of a multimedia project which includes a TV series currently airing on PBS and a special issue of the New York Times Magazine. Johnson looks at how medical innovations—vaccines, inventions, medical breakthroughs, environmental factors—over the past hundred years have doubled the human life expectancy, but also how they have led to new challenges and inequities.

Posted: May 18, 2021