The PRH Education Team Launches Its New Translanguaging Collections


Penguin Random House Education is thrilled to announce the launch of the new PRH Education Translanguaging Collections: Affirming Bilingual and Multilingual Learners! Translanguaging invites students to use their own experiences and languages to make connections and deepen their engagement with texts and people in their lives. We have partnered with educators Drs. Luz Yadira Herrera and Carla España to create these new collections for Kindergarten through 12th grade that carefully consider how we are validating and supporting bilingualism and multilingualism in our learning communities. The collections grew out of Carla and Luz’s love for children’s literature, teachers that celebrate their students, and honoring the ways that children navigate their expanding language repertoires both in and out of the classroom.

“We are often asked for book recommendations and teaching practices to help teachers and students unpack issues related to language learning and identity,” notes Drs. Luz Yadira Herrera and Carla España, “the Translanguaging Collections is our response to an urgent need to do the work of understanding bilingual and multilingual experiences through our intentional selection of children’s and young adult literature and guided instruction that features translanguaging as a lived experience and pedagogical tool.”

“PRH Education continues our commitment to supporting schools and learning by collaborating with Drs. Herrera and España to develop the Tranlanguaging Collections. Our goal is to better evaluate the ways we support bilingualism and multilingualism in learning communities, “ says Colin Reublinger, Manager, Sales and Marketing, PRH Education, “Each of the six themes and accompanying texts invite students to use their own experiences and languages to make connections and deepen their engagement with texts and the people in their lives.”

Featuring outstanding titles from across all core and client PRH divisions, PRH Education Translanguaging Collections are curated into six culturally and linguistically sustaining topics that take into consideration the varied lives and experiences of bilingual and multilingual students: Identity, Migration and Immigration, Place and Change, Community and Connections that Sustain Me, Intergenerational Connections, and Changemakers.

Each of the 6 collections contains 15 unique titles and an original Educator Handbook written by Drs. Luz Yadira Herrera and Carla España. Every Handbook provides educators with an overview on each topic and how the texts included fit together. Featuring four anchor texts, each guide creates multiple opportunities for students to interact with a text, make meaningful connections, and engage in a language study on the dynamic ways that authors translanguage in their writing or reflect on language. Watch this overview to learn more:

“Penguin Random House Education is proud to be partnering with Drs. Herrera and España on this vital new collection aimed at engaging all English language learners—whatever their level of proficiency—through a holistic and culturally-competent pedagogical approach anchored in award-winning and diverse authentic texts,” Michael Gentile, VP, Sales and Marketing, PRH Education added. “This collection joins our growing portfolio of classroom collections created, designed, and carefully curated by leading educators with the aim of complementing the work of all educators, schools, and districts as they support and grow student readers at every level.”

PRH Education believes that all students’ experiences, cultures, and languages must be valued and honored and are dedicated to creating classroom and school environments that celebrate students’ unique and diverse backgrounds. We acknowledge that these attributes and harnessing students’ strengths leads to understanding, celebration, community, and active engagement in learning.

A special thank you goes out to all of the colleagues across many departments that helped make this possible, including the school & library departments at both children’s divisions, the education team at DK, PRHPS, the strategic projects team, title managers, inventory managers, Sales, and the team at Crawfordsville.

The libraries are available for ordering directly through PRH, educational distributors, and booksellers. Please feel free to share with friends, family, and educators in your community. You can find additional information on PRH Education Translanguaging Collections here.

Posted: April 26, 2022