Embracing Content and Serving as Cultural Connector

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Books have the ability to reflect the temperature of our times and to chronicle cultural history. Our publishers and editors around the world are the curators of this enduring content. Our marketing, publicity, and sales teams help raise awareness and build buzz that sparks readers to read and rally around out books worldwide.

Expanding Penguin Classics to Include Works from Spain and Latin America

It has been an immense joy to be able to count on the extraordinary catalogue of Penguin Classics, and at the same time expand it with the great works of the Spanish language of each country: Essential books in the history of Latin America and Spain, such as Argentina’s epic poem Martín Fierro, Popol Vuh (the story of creation according to the Quiche Maya) or works by authors of the Spanish Golden Age, including Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz—all in beautiful editions, on par with the Anglo-Saxon counterparts.
Juan Ignacio Boido, Editor, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial (Argentina)


Making a Contribution to Our Culture

As an editor, working on the books and with the authors on my list often gives me the feeling of making a contribution (even a small one) to our culture and world today. In the five years since the merger, in coming together with Penguin under one roof, I experience that feeling in a much more vivid way. Seeing the books that my colleagues edit, produce, sell, market, and publicize; watching how our teams worldwide rally around a book, and bring it to the widest possible audience; celebrating a book and author’s success—it adds a tremendous amount of meaning to the work we all do.
Bhavna Chauhan, Senior Editor, Doubleday Canada



Honing Our Frontlist Titles and Converting Them Into A Steady Backlist

Penguin Random House India has been setting industry standards in book publishing. Our goal is to continue to hone our frontlist publishing, converting it into a steady backlist. We are facing strong marketing competition for our titles from other publishers who have considerable resources. The task that lies ahead is to overcome the competition and bring to table innovative and more effective ways to create great buzz around titles and convert them into successful campaigns. I look forward to the challenge.
Shruti Katoch Dadhwal, Senior Manager, Marketing, Penguin Random House India

Posted: July 9, 2018