Harland Miller

#PenguinRandomArt: Harland Miller Paintings Installed in NYC

harland-miller4Our #PenguinRandomArt campaign continues, with two original paintings by renowned UK artist Harland Miller now displayed at Penguin Random House’s 375 Hudson Street offices in New York. To celebrate the installation of these paintings on Friday (5/20), Penguin Publishing Group President Madeline McIntosh hosted a reception with a group of colleagues that featured a toast to the art by Penguin Random House Chairman John Makinson, who commissioned

Mr. Miller to paint the Penguin book-themed paintings that were donated by Richard Berzine, a Penguin business partner pre-merger, to hang in company offices around the world. To read a Financial Times article about what sparked Mr. Miller’s sardonic artistic takes on Penguin book covers and the origination of this project, click here. [caption id="attachment_1984" align="alignright" width="300"]Richard Berzine and John Makinson Richard Berzine and John Makinson[/caption] Mr. Miller’s “Penguin Plays” painting was installed near Ms. McIntosh’s 4th floor office, with Mr. Makinson (right) and Mr. Berzine shown raising their glasses to the art. The “There’s No Business Like No Business!” painting was hung in the 375 Hudson ground floor lobby, with Ms. McIntosh, Mr. Makinson, Mr. Berzine and Penguin Young Readers President Jen Loja framing the canvas.   [caption id="attachment_1986" align="alignright" width="292"]Madeline McIntosh, John Makinson, Richard Berzine, and Jen Loja Madeline McIntosh, John Makinson, Richard Berzine, and Jen Loja[/caption] In celebration of this unique marriage of art and literature, a global social media event is unfolding as we herald the arrival and installation of these paintings at Penguin Random House locations worldwide with photos and messages on our Twitter and Facebook pages as well as our Penguin Random House websites. In addition to 375 Hudson Street in New York, Mr. Miller’s artwork is also being displayed in company offices in London, Toronto, Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. We are encouraging everyone to share pictures of and comments about Penguin Random House’s Harland Miller painting installation using the hashtag #PenguinRandomArt.