How to Receive Your Free Copy of THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO POETRY

Poetry-Igloo-300x150 copyHere is another way to enjoy April, National Poetry Month. Whether you’re new to poetry, familiar with its form, a connoisseur of its craft, or simply in need of encouragement, the newly created THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO POETRY has much to offer: Insights from 11 award-winning poets; advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome; three classic poems illustrated by artist Nathan Gelgud; Riverhead author Anne Lamott on “the devils of perfectionism;” and important tips on “telling it slant.”

For details about how to receive your free copy of THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO POETRY, click here.

Along with Signature, a co-sponsor of THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO POETRY is Knopf, which we highlighted recently with this story: Knopf Celebrates National Poetry Month with Poem-A-Day Program. When you download The Guide, you will also receive Knopf’s Poem-A-Day e-mails in April, plus occasional news about award-winning poets.

Posted: April 11, 2017