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Our Authors Honeyman and Stott Win Costa Book Awards

Winners of the 2017 Costa Book Awards, one of the UK’s most prestigious and popular literary prizes, have been announced and two Penguin Random House authors and their books topped the following categories:

First Novel Gail Honeyman for ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE  (Pamela Dorman Books/Viking) Biography Rebecca Stott for IN THE DAYS OF RAIN  (Spiegel & Grau) Congratulations to our authors as well as their editors and publishers. View the complete list of Costa Book Awards winners here. All category winners receive £5,000 (about $6,800) and are eligible for the £30,000 (about $40,795) Costa Book of the Year prize, which will be announced on January 30 in London.

Pamela Dorman Books / Viking to Publish New Novel by Jojo Moyes, Continuing the Story of Louisa Clark

VikingLogoPamela Dorman Books/Viking is delighted to announce the publication of a new novel by Jojo Moyes featuring Louisa Clark, the character readers have come to know and love from global bestsellers Me Before You and After You. The new novel will be published in Spring 2018, and will follow Lou as she heads for New York, only to find herself torn between her old life and her new.

Jojo Moyes is a bestselling novelist and a journalist. Her previous novels have all been met with critical acclaim and bestselling sales, including Me Before YouAfter YouThe Girl You Left Behind and One Plus One. [caption id="attachment_5409" align="alignright" width="220"]Jojo Moyes, © Stine Heilmann Jojo Moyes, © Stine Heilmann[/caption] Jojo Moyes’ profile is at an all-time high with worldwide sales of Me Before You and After You at nearly seventeen million copies. Last year’s film adaptation of Me Before You, starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, introduced legions of new fans to Jojo’s writing and the beloved character of Louisa Clark. Her works are available in a staggering 43 foreign languages and have sold twenty-nine million copies in total worldwide. Jojo Moyes said, “I always knew that once I committed to write the sequel to Me Before You, I would also write a third book; I saw it quite clearly as a trilogy. Revisiting Lou has been a joy, as I push her into a completely new country, a brand new world, and a house full of secrets. With her usual blend of humour and emotion she has to ask herself some pretty fundamental questions – not least, which side of the Atlantic does she really belong? I hope readers enjoy this new adventure as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.” Pamela Dorman, Publisher of Pamela Dorman Books, said, “Any new Jojo Moyes novel is a cause for rejoicing.  But for readers in America, the chance to have the iconic Lou Clark come to New York to find a new life is a particular pleasure.  There’s no doubt that Jojo’s unique blend of great storytelling and unforgettable characters, combined with a sense of humor all her own will make this new Lou Clark novel one readers will be clamoring for come next year.” Jojo Moyes is a UK based author who worked at the Independent for ten years before leaving to write full-time. She lives in Essex with her husband and their three children. Jojo is managed by Curtis Brown and her agent Sheila Crowley.

Inside the Writing and Editing of a Domestic Thriller

my husbands wife2This week’s Igloo Book Buzz title, MY HUSBAND’S WIFE by Jane Corry, on sale from Pamela Dorman Books/Viking, was edited by Vice President and Publisher Pamela Dorman, who comments, “I first heard about MY HUSBAND’S WIFE from our corporate colleagues at Viking UK – I was attracted to the selling title, first, and then by the idea of two

wives, one husband, and how that triangle came to be. Jane’s storytelling is complex and takes many unexpected turns – which is why this is a domestic thriller that stood head and shoulders above the pack for me.” [caption id="attachment_4890" align="alignright" width="270"]Jane Corry Jane Corry[/caption] Ms. Corry offers personal insights into the writing of MY HUSBAND’S WIFE, her perspective on the editorial process, and working with Ms. Dorman: “I’d like to start by saying that I couldn’t have written this novel without having been married (twice) and having gone to prison! I must also add quickly that I didn’t go to prison as an inmate but as a writer in residence of a high-security male prison in the UK. My brief was to help men write novels, poems, letters, articles or anything that would help them voice their feelings. Research has shown that this therapeutic approach can help reduce the risk of reoffending. “This was very rewarding. But there was an unexpected bonus too. My experience gave me a different writer’s voice. Until then, I’d been concentrating on romance. However, I’d always been interested in stories with twists and turns. My prison experience allowed me to create a character (Joe) who was a criminal but who wasn’t all bad. I also wanted to write about the relationship between first and second wives. People often assume that the two don’t like each other. But what if the second wife had to ask the first wife a very big favor? And so the plot was born in my head. “Thanks to my journalist background, I write fast. When I wrote MY HUSBAND’S WIFE, I was at my desk immediately after breakfast where I wrote between 2,000 and 3,000 words in a morning. The following day, I re-read those words, did a slight edit to get into the right mind zone and went onto the next chapter. At the end, I went back to the beginning and deepened the characters because by then I knew them better. I also made sure the plot hung together; checked timelines; and added setting and senses. It was a very intense process which took about five months from start to finish. “MY HUSBAND’S WIFE was published in the UK first where it was a Sunday Times bestseller (it reached Number 5 in the charts!). By then, it had been edited by my wonderful UK Penguin editor, Katy Loftus. When I found out that Pamela Dorman was to be my US editor, I was thrilled. Pam has such a brilliant reputation so it was a real honor. She and her assistant Jeramie Orton were book puzz pull quoteextremely friendly from the start as well as being professional. They explained that they would send me various questions on the copy once they’d gone through it. “Interestingly, many of the questions related to different interpretations of the British language! For example, I said that one of my characters ‘twigged’ something. This meant that she suddenly realized a certain fact. But this phrase might not be understood by American readers so I was asked to find a substitute! “I was very impressed with Pam and Jeramie’s thoroughness. I was also touched by the fact that they clearly saw my characters as real people – just as I did! In my view, an editor needs to have that good overall eye but at the same time, understand how the cast ‘ticks.’ I certainly found those qualities in Pamela Dorman Books.”