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Interview with Francesca Dow, Managing Director, Penguin Random House Children’s UK

Our children’s book business around the world is focused on growth. Read on for an interview with Francesca Dow, who oversees children’s  books at PRH UK, as she offers insight on broadening readership diversity for children’s books.  


Q:  What are your priorities for the children and young adult market in 2019?

Francesca Dow

A:  Growth is very much on our agenda. Growth in some ways is quite simple: It’s about publishing more, even better books. But beyond this, in terms of long-term opportunity, we believe we have a few key ways to build on our own diversity and strength of publishing and to reach into different markets. We have created a talented team to focus on the preschool market relaunch of Ladybird, our trusted, playful brand for young kids. This summer sees the unveiling of our brand-new range of novelty, board and picture books. We’re thrilled about our new Ladybird partnership with our colleagues at Penguin Young Readers, US, and we are currently exploring Ladybird collaborations in other key territories. Continue reading